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Labor Day Unit Study

Sometimes it seems like America has a ton of holidays! Labor Day – which falls on the first Monday in September – comes about ¾ of the way through the year. For some people, it marks the beginning of a new school year with school starting the next day. For others, it’s just another holiday. […]

Flag Day Unit Study: History Facts & More!

Flag Day Unit Study: History Facts & More! Flag Day began as a way to honor one of our nation’s iconic symbols: the American Flag. Unlike many of our other holidays, this one isn’t meant to celebrate or honor any individual people. Instead, it’s truly about the flag alone. This summer, take some time to […]

Memorial Day: Facts, History, and More!

Memorial Day Unit Study: Facts, History, and More! Is Memorial Day just another patriotic holiday? Every year in the United States, Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May. One of the first Memorial Day celebrations dates back to 1866 in New York. However, similar events are found throughout history as we decorate […]

Top Back to Homeschool Resource Awards

During the last two weeks, readers have voted for their Top Back to Homeschool Resources. These include products, curriculum, and websites. Please take a moment to review the winning companies—as they’ve been named the best of the best!

New website to teach the Constitution

Hillsdale College is pleased to announce a new resource to teach about the U.S. Constitution so it’s engaging and enjoyable for students of any age. It is the new Constitution Reader website:!

Women in History DVD study

This FREE homeschool lesson will help your kids celebrate the greatest achievements of American women throughout our history.