Homeschool Help Printable Pack

These days, it is difficult to keep anything organized or from falling into chaos, and that definitely includes homeschool schedules and assignments. Getting started with homeschooling is even more challenging for new homeschoolers, who are most likely experiencing a completely new reality and trying to keep things somewhat sane. There are several wonderful benefits of homeschooling, but we understand if it’s been stressful to see the positives with this new day-to-day thrown upon us. Thankfully, homeschooling printables are a fun and helpful option for getting started with homeschooling.

Have you been wondering, “Can I homeschool my child?” Now may be your perfect chance to make the switch! Perhaps you’ve already had your trial period of school at home with the school closures and you’d like to take the steps to become a full-time homeschooling family. Either way, homeschool records are important for keeping track and staying organized. With this free printable add-on pack to our Sanity Saver Planner, you have access to several practical checklists for daily homeschooling. 

Here are a few of the pages you can expect to find in this free homeschooling printables pack!Homeschooling Organization Printable


  • Organization Checklist
      • Getting started homeschooling is much easier with a checklist to help organize your back to school experience!
  • Desk Snack Ideas
      • Keep your children energized with simple and healthy snacks for their desks.
  • Starting Right
      • This is a wonderful page for helping your family get started on the right foot. Here you’ll find encouragement for family conversations, setting goals, remembering school supplies, considering your child’s input, utilizing weekly student checklists, creating a DIY reading area, implementing music ambiance, and more!
  • Planner
      • Keep track of your schedule, appointments, classes, and more with this printable daily calendar!
  • Homeschool Curriculum Purchases
      • This page is a super helpful log for keeping track of those purchases in one spot!
  • Daily Plan | Student Version
      • Your students will know their schedule and courses at a glance with this helpful daily plan. The page includes a list of courses with checkboxes for class days as well as a schedule column and activities box!
  • Grade Book
    • A multi-student grade log for several subjects and multiple dates. Simply make copies of the page as needed throughout the year!