Homeschool High School Community Service and Volunteering

Homeschool Volunteer Hours are Important

Are you homeschooling a high schooler who would like to become more involved in their community? Not only does volunteering serve to benefit both community and the student volunteering, but it also is an amazing addition to your high school transcript. When college admissions see a strong record of community services it shows that a student has initiative, cares about their community and that they can be committed to a task. It is very important that you record your volunteer hours and include them on your homeschool high school transcript.

Looking For a Place for Your High Schooler to Volunteer?

COVID has complicated many situations with volunteering being one of them. Still, there are opportunities around if you are homeschooling high school and your student is looking to volunteer in their community. Here are some good places to start:

  • Ask the administration at a church you attend or even a church in your community. Many churches are gathering food and other necessities to donate to people in the community that has been impacted by the effects of the current pandemic.
  • Yard clean up for an elderly neighbor is another idea to become involved right in your own neighborhood.
  • Food banks and other community service opportunities
  • Local Rec Leagues
  • Create Your Own Unique Community Service

Free Homeschool High School Community Service Log

The following downloadable template is perfect for recording all community service activities throughout the homeschool high school years and can be shared with charter schools, community colleges, scholarship providers, and universities.

Community Service Volunteer Hours Log