Homeschool High School Diploma Template

Congratulations! The fact that you are looking for a high school diploma template tells us that you have come to the end of your homeschool high school homeschooling adventure!

Finish off with flair, with our high-quality professionally designed pack of high school diploma templates. There are four different high school homeschool diploma options. We suggest that you find a permanent fine tip marker and fill in the name of the student and then as the “teacher of record” you sign and date the diploma. Just in case that makes you nervous… remember…as a homeschooling parent, you are the teacher of record and can create your own diploma once your student has satisfactorily completed the requirements for graduation. Your signature is what makes your homeschool diploma an official document. So, go ahead, make that high school homeschool diploma!

Download your Homeschool High School Diploma Template Now!

As you wrap up this wonderful season of life, remember that through it all you’ve worked hard with your teen to make these past four years of homeschooling high school great. You’ve kept all your homeschool high school records and now you might want to consider a homeschool graduation ceremony. This is a wonderful way to honor your graduate for their achievements over the past few

Homeschool HIgh School Diploma Template

years. Some families enjoy making this a very public celebration, while others like to keep it quiet with just family. Whichever you choose, make sure to include reminders of all the great memories that had been made over the past few years, the achievements and success of the graduate, and even their goals and dreams for the future.

We’ve often displayed our graduate’s high school homeschool diploma front and center at the celebration. Putting it in a beautiful picture frame makes this easy and a wonderful way to decorate

at your high school homeschool graduation.

Another wonderful way to celebrate with your high school graduate is to go on a Senior trip. Homeschoolers have been creative with this over the years, and have had amazing adventures filled with memories to cap off their high school graduate’s final year. We’ve seen homeschool Senior trips in the form of cruises, hiking adventures, and even a cross-country road trip.

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