Newsletter 30: Homeschool-Foreign Language Month

Summer is almost here and it’s time to make a few decisions… will we be total slugs all summer or will we plan a little super fun summer learning? Hmm… difficult question for sure ‘cuz we all like to be slugs now and again…

Don’t forget that learning a foreign language is perfect for summer learning. Yep, that’s right… we are all so busy during the regular school term and fitting in foreign language study can be so difficult. But, making language study a part of summer learning is a great solution! Grab some practical ideas for this edition of our Homeschooling and Loving It Newsletter and you’ll be on your way to summer learning… and maybe just a little slug time.


Summertime Survival Guide Planner

Making the Most out of Your Summer Learning

Summer learning loss is a real problem, and it’s one that is becoming more well-known each year. Grab practical tips for avoiding it this year!

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Foreign Language: Which one? and When Do We Start?

Communication is what brings us together as humans. Understanding and communicating with each other creates the opportunity for connection and community.

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