Newsletter 37: Homeschooling & Holidays


We’ve all been there as parents… slightly exasperated at our child’s loss of all manners. Don’t sweat it – – and don’t be embarrassed!  They could just be shy and feel too awkward to put their best foot forward. This won’t affect his or her ability to function in normal society. They’ll get it, they’ll get there and they’ll learn how to work within societal expectations. Grab some practical pointers on how to use this opportunity to teach some solid etiquette lessons. Our second article in this month’s newsletter shares great advice on how to create a holiday atmosphere that promotes relaxation so you can enjoy the holidays…stress-free! Just what I need!


Creating a Stress Free Homeschool Holiday

Tensions can run high during the holidays. Between cooking fabulous meals, baking holiday treats, booking tickets, scheduling grocery shopping, visiting with relatives, and — oh right, HOMESCHOOLING — it can feel a tad overwhelming. Snag some tips on how to avoid the overwhelm...

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5 Ways to Teach Etiquette During the Holidays

Etiquette is one of those things you think your children understand until, of course, you are around a group of relatives and you’re hoping they remember how to behave. Only at that point, most likely at the worst moment, is when you realize that...

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