Newsletter 28: Raising Strong and Courageous Daughters in your Homeschool

Throughout history, women have been a strong and guiding influence over politics, science, mathematics, and even adventure and discovery. These women were strong and courageous, yet selfless and honorable. In today’s culture, it’s a challenge to find our daughters role models like those of the amazing women who’ve gone before us! With or without role models, raising strong and courageous daughters that show compassion and true inner beauty is possible!

10 Tips for Raising Daughters

We’ve all heard – “That’s not ladylike!” or “Little girls shouldn’t behave like that.” Teaching girls to be strong yet embrace their femininity is not easy!

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Encouraging our Girls to be Strong Leaders

There are many strong women in the spotlight – especially in Hollywood. However, those aren’t necessarily the women we want our daughters looking up to

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