Enjoying the Homeschool Summer



Enjoying the Summer!

The year is wrapping up and things are ending. The seasons are changing and so are you—and your children. Summer is a fantastic season full of opportunities for fun, wonder, learning, and discovery! Don’t miss out on those because you haven’t met your school-year goals.

Now the question becomes, “Have I completed my goals?” If the answer to that question is, “No,” then you’ll need to ask yourself why that is. Did you perhaps spend too much time out of your curriculum? If you don’t use a curriculum, did you set appropriate goals based on each child’s needs and your desires for his learning?

While I don’t want you to change your goals, it might be time to change how you approach them. If you’re thinking you didn’t meet them because of curriculum constraints, you may need to reconsider your curriculum. It’s okay to change your curriculum to meet your goals, but don’t change your goals to meet your curriculum. When you set your goals, you knew what you wanted for each child and why. You’ll never get anywhere if you keep moving the finish line.

I want to encourage you to do whatever it takes to meet those goals. You’ll feel so good when you do! For instance, if you didn’t complete your math book and your child still struggles with his times tables, consider downloading an app or having him play multiplication games every day in lieu of completing every last page in the textbook. He just might be motivated himself to learn those times tables, especially if he feels like he’s getting a summer break! Change the plan of action but don’t change the action plan.

If, on the other hand, you did meet your goals, then rejoice in that! Make sure you have a special day set aside to celebrate what you and your children have accomplished this past year and how you all met your goals. Likely, your children are feeling a sense of relief and so should you. It’s time to take some time off and recharge a bit. Be sure to check out Homeschool.com’s list of 101 things to do this summer for outside the box ideas for summertime learning.