Help We’re Losing our Homeschool Momentum

 Homeschooling moms sometimes dread this time of year because coming back from an extended homeschooling break can cause you to lose momentum. If you feel like you’re in a homeschool slump and need help breaking free, keep reading!

Change Your Routine

Whatever you’re doing on a daily basis, switch it up a bit. In fact, log what you’re doing (waking at X time, having morning quiet time at Y time, waking babies at Z time, etc.) so you can see what natural rhythms you have going on already. To do this, fold a piece of notebook paper in half lengthwise. Then, fold the left side in half again. When you’re finished, you’ll have three columns, two of which will be skinny. In the widest column (the one on the right), make a list, and be sure to write everything down in the order you are already doing them. Label one of the skinny columns “Ideal Times” and the other “Actual Times.” Then, write in the times for each of the activities in the right column. By doing this, you’ll be able to see why your routine is falling apart (look at the “actual times” you log) but you’ll have something to strive for (the “ideal times” you recorded). Sometimes when we do this, we need to switch activities around completely, so don’t hesitate to do that if changing the order in which you do things just makes sense.

Keep Plugging Away

As tempting as it is to take time off this time of year, you should keep plugging away for a good bit of time or you’ll fall off the wagon. Regardless of what everyone around you is doing, if your family would be better off staying on track and not taking as much time off as your friends do, then do what’s best for your family. When you do take a break, don’t take too long of a break. Take just enough time to recuperate and feel refreshed but not so much time that you’re dreading getting back into your routine.

Catch Up on Everything

Taking the time to catch up on everything will make you feel 100x better! If you’re struggling because you’re losing momentum, do something that will make you feel accomplished. Nothing feels better as a homeschooling mom than to have all of the grading, checking, record-keeping, and lesson plans all caught up. Take some time to do that and pick up where you left off. Believe us – you’ll be so glad you did!

Have you found yourself in a spot where you’re losing momentum?