Let’s Organize Those Gifts!

Doesn’t everyone love watching children’s eyes light up when they’re handed those beautifully decorated Christmas packages? Yet, with that excitement comes everything that accompanies the toys: the boxes, the stringy things that prevent people from stealing, the user manuals, and more. Taming the mess is something you’ll probably want to get a handle on so you can sit back and enjoy the children’s excitement. Get a jump start on this by learning how you can do this before the holidays approach!

Ditch the Packaging

For some items (namely, high-end electronics), you’ll probably want to keep the boxes. These should store easily in the recipient’s closet. For most other items, however, the packaging is simply not needed. Once you’ve retrieved the gift and have read through the manual to learn how to assemble it properly, what use do you have for the box? Get rid of it. Don’t just toss it into the garage “just in case”; actually toss it in the recycling bin – which brings us to our next point: set up a recycling station.

Recycle Packaging

Any recyclable pieces of packaging can go into your package recycling containers. While you may be on a mission to get rid of it all, you don’t have to throw it in the trash. You can set up a bag or box specifically to recycle all the boxes (that you break down), plastic containers, glass containers, etc. that are recyclable. This will both get the mess out of your house and do something environmentally friendly at the same time!

Keep a Drawer for Manuals

Keeping a separate drawer or bin for user manuals will ensure that you’ll always have them whenever you need them. How many times have we had something break on a toy and ended up Googling how to fix it because we accidentally tossed the manual or it’s nowhere to be found? Prevent this by keeping a specific location for all user manuals. You can even go so far as to label bins as Manuals – Kids and Manuals – Adults.

Do a Toy Rotation

If your kids received a plethora of toys at Christmas, you may not want all of them out at their accessibility at all times. Instead, use a plastic bin to store some of the toys and leave others out. Every month or so, rotate the toys so they always seem new. Bonus: the fewer toys they can access, the smaller the mess!

Everything in Its Place

You’ve heard the old adage “Everything has a place,” right? This couldn’t be more true following the holidays. At least that’s how moms want it to be! Instead of letting all toys, books, crayons, tinker toys, hobby-related toys, and candy linger in the living room, put them away. Enlist the help of your children for this step. Have them put everything in its rightful place and insist that all toys must be put back before pulling out new ones.

Holidays are a fun time of gathering together with family and friends and doing fun things like gift exchanges and watching your kids’ excitement as they open new toys they’ve waited months to have in their hands. If you’re like some people, though, you have to know where those toys are going to all fit before you can even give them to the kids. What are some of your toy organization tips for post-holiday gifts? Share with us how you keep your children’s items under control!