Homeschool Inspiration: This Summer, Ignite Your Child’s Imagination and Curiosity



Homeschool Inspiration: This Summer, Ignite Your Child’s Imagination and Curiosity

I am grateful for all the summer joy and learning I have experienced with my children over the years. It is my hope that you will be able to enjoy this special season with your own family. As you develop your summer learning road map, keep these fundamental points in mind.

  • Keep it fun!
  • Create innovative environments and schedules that inspire learning and creativity.
  • Let your kids be the primary architects of their own summer learning plan.
  • Establish goals for the summer still ahead, but be open to the possibility that they may evolve along the way.
  • Develop individualized learning plans that best suit your children’s learning styles and interests.
  • Have many resources on hand.
  • Get outside—often!
  • Get organized. Identify tools and systems that work best for your family and use them.
  • See new things.
  • Meet new people.
  • Make the world a better place by broadening your kids’ minds and exposing them to important issues and volunteering opportunities.
  • Be realistic and creative when considering how to finance summer opportunities.
  • Seek out natural, fun ways to incorporate reading, writing, math, and science in your regular routines.
  • Avoid trying to do too much. Focus on the specific needs and desires of your family.
  • Laugh a lot and eat delicious food!

Clear communication with our children is fundamental in crafting a successful summer learning plan. Make a snack, pull out the most comfortable chairs and start making plans with your kids today! Summer learning makes simple moments shine. Recognize this time as an opportunity to awaken your kids to their infinite potentials. Seize opportunities wherever they may be. Be open to every possibility and don’t forget to eat ice cream!

Here are some questions to ask your children as you plan the rest of your summer. Happy planning!

  1. What do you think summer learning is?
  2. How are you happiest spending your time?
  3. When is learning difficult?
  4. When is learning fun?
  5. Do you prefer working alone or with others?
  6. Describe your perfect day.
  7. This summer, do you look forward to spending more time pursuing interests at home or out in the community?
  8. Which of these are most important to you right now—working, volunteering, learning a new skill, play, travel, meeting new people or time with good friends and family? Rank them in order of importance.
  9. List the books, music, movies, and plays you’d like to enjoy during the remainder of the summer.
  10. Name five daytrips that you would like to do together.
  11. How will we stay healthy and fit this summer?
  12. Name something you’ve always wanted to do but were afraid to try—like swimming in the deep end, attending sleep away camp or rock climbing. Let’s plan to give it a try this summer.
  13. Name three things you wish you knew more about.
  14. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Have fun with this! Summer is a wonderful time to get to know our children even better and to become closer as a family.