How to Keep Teens Motivated

Did you hit the ground running with big dreams of homeschooling? If so, you might have unrealistic expectations and may already be feeling burnout!

But, it’s not just you you’re worried about; it’s the kids, right? Kids seem to hit a “slump” as they inch closer to summer, longing to have their next big vacation from school. At this rate, you may wonder if you’ll ever be able to pull them back in! Here are some tips on getting back in the groove if your kids seem to have checked out during break:

Skip the full day. Instead of going back to school at full force, ease back into it by setting up half days for the first few days or even the first week.

Switch it up – literally! Few things make you feel as rejuvenated as you feel on the first day of a new school year. Regain that feeling by starting a whole new subject after spring break. If you don’t feel like there is enough room in your schedule to do this, drop a subject your kids never really enjoyed and replace it with something more invigorating and interesting.

Change your location. While you may have enjoyed your “classroom” area at the beginning of the year, by the time spring break rolls around, it might be getting old. If you feel like a change of scenery is in order, consider moving your homeschooling to another room for a time. Better yet, if the weather permits, move everyone outside for some fresh air! Your hands-on learners will especially appreciate new areas to touch as they exert their energy and absorb information.

Add in a read-aloud. Reading aloud to your children is incredibly important and beneficial. Believe it or not, spending just 10 minutes a day reading to your homeschoolers can be of great benefit to them and to you. You’ll also help improve brain development in your students and set a learning example for years to come.

Do a countdown. The longer you’ve put in, the less time you’ll have left to complete your school year! Embrace this fact by setting up a countdown calendar counting down the days until summer break.
At times, it can seem like the end of your homeschooling journey is so far away that it’s out of reach. Next thing you know, you’ll be preparing homeschool diplomas! In the meantime, just take it one year at a time. Don’t try to do too much at once, but don’t scale down so much you can’t remember the last time your students did anything substantial. Try to find the balance and definitely take your much-needed breaks! In the summer, you’ll celebrate your success but for now, you can do it!!