Dream Big in Your Homeschool!

I have some great advice for you. The first thing you should do when you are homeschooling is to decide where you want to end up. A strong vision and dream of your perfect homeschool does three things for you:

It keeps you motivated through the journey. The bigger your dream, the greater your motivation will be.
It gives you guidance for your homeschooling plans. For example, if your dream education involves an Ivy League college, then there are specific ways you’ll want to homeschool.
A strong vision and dream guides you through your daily actions and decisions. When you get clear about the outcome you want, it’s easier to see if the choice in front of you takes you closer to that outcome or away from it.
Dream BIG. Paint the outcome you want and don’t sell yourself short on a small dream. This isn’t the time to think about logic, time, money, or resources. This is the time to connect to your dream. Envision and create the reality you want for your child and for yourself.

Color your future with as much detail and emotion as you can. What does the ideal education feel like? What does it look like? What do you see around you? Describe it in the present tense, as if you’re living it right now.

“Our homeschool feels peaceful and flowing. It makes me happy to see the kids excited about what they are learning. Nothing makes me feel more alive than working with my children on activities that feed their soul and make their minds come alive. I love waking up eager for the day. I sleep deeply every night, appreciatively tired after an amazing day.”


“My child has just been accepted into an Ivy League school! Our extra work, tutoring, and planning have paid off. I am so proud of the depth of learning my children are experiencing – the challenging books we are reading, the high level experiments we do, and the academic summer programs they attend. I go to bed at night so incredibly grateful that I have been able to help my children develop their gifts to their highest level and to be able to give them such a superior education.”

Our brains are incredible. You can use your imagination to create something that’s never existed before. Start with the end in mind. After visualizing the outcome you want for your homeschool, you’ll find yourself naturally drawn toward curricula and learning materials that fit that dream and that can help you get where you want to go.

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