Benefits of Project Based Learning

Homeschool Tips for Project Based Learning


“Discover the Joys and Benefits of Project-Based Learning”

Project-based learning can infuse your homeschool with new energy and purpose, and it will appeal to kids of all ages. In her inspiring book Project-Based Homeschooling: Mentoring Self-Directed Learners, Lori Pickert explains how project-based learning benefits our kids:


“Allowing children to learn about what interests them is good, but helping them do it in a meaningful, rigorous way is better. Freedom and choice are good, but a life steeped in thinking, learning, and doing is better. It’s not enough to say, “Go, do whatever you like.” To help children become skilled thinkers and learners, to help them become people who make and do, we need a life centered around those experiences. We need to show them how to accomplish the things they want to do. We need to help them prepare the life they want.”


Essentially, project-based learning is about encouraging kids to identify and explore areas of strong interest. Following the child’s lead, the parent provides space and resources to help the child dig deep into this subject area and to develop long-term learning goals and objectives.

Project-based learning helps kids engage with and solve real-world problems using a variety of tools while dismissing heavy reliance on teacher-led instruction and memorization of facts. Families who have tried this method of learning often find that homeschooling and project-based learning go hand in hand.

Over time, project-based learning helps children develop deep knowledge, problem solving skills and the ability to pursue independent, self-motivated learning.

Project-based learning curriculum doesn’t come in a box but if this method appeals to you, there are plenty of resources to help you get started and the new search feature on our website makes finding these resources even easier!

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