Summertime Boredom Busters!

Don’t Be Bored This Summer

While kids can’t wait for summertime to roll around, many parents are dreading it, wondering what they’ll do to keep the kids busy for the next two-and-a-half months. If you’ve asked around, it may seem like everyone will be attending summer camps or in-school camps, or just enjoying plain lazy days around the house. If your budget prohibits camps and you’re looking for your kids to become something more than couch potatoes, read on!

Find A Homeschool Passion Project for Summer Learning

Summer provides an excellent opportunity for kids to delve into things they don’t usually have time to tackle. If you have a “specialist” on your hands (i.e. a child interested in digging deeper into a particular topic), now is the time to introduce him to professors, workers, and teachers in that particular field. Several times when my children were younger, I went out of my way to seek out these individuals for them. Kids have deep imaginations but only so much liberty to go after their aspirations. This is where we as parents come in. As a parent, you are your child’s tour guide this summer!

Summertime learning is something beneficial for all kids. It’s not a punishment; it’s an accomplishment. Don’t bombard your kids with “drill and kill” worksheets and expect them to get excited about summertime learning. Instead, use this opportunity to teach them how to learn something for themselves and become independent learners. Help them set goals at the beginning of summer for the things they’d like to learn or do this summer and then cross each thing off the list as they complete them. Enjoy my free printable to help you get started!

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