Your Student’s Education Clicks at iQ Academy!


April 28, 2010

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Your Student’s Education Clicks at iQ Academy!


iQ Academy is a complete online middle and high school that fits your student, your schedule, and your family. As an accredited, public, tuition-free school, we offer an innovative, high-quality alternative to the traditional learning experience. Students experience the rigor of AP® courses, the breadth of elective classes and receive a diploma from a state high school. And iQ Academy is no easy ride – students must keep pace with a regular school schedule.

iQ Academy is available in the following states:

iQ Academy Los Angeles (grades 6-12) , Enrolling soon
iQ Academy Kansas (grades 7-12) , Enrollment starting May 1
iQ Academy Minnesota (grades 6-12), Enrolling now
Beacon Academy of Nevada (grades 9-12), Enrolling May 1
Palmetto State E-cademy (South Carolina – grades 9-12) Enrolling now!
iQ Academy Texas (grades 3-8) for students residing in these districts
iQ Academy Washington (grades 6-12), Enrollment begins May 17
iQ Academy Wisconsin (grades 6-12)  Enrollment for 2010 closed
MCoOL (grades K – 12) Enrolling now!

iQ Academy Educational Approach

At iQ Academy, we know that a flexible, personalized education is important to your family. So we’ve put together a program that suits your life, your style.

Your student will establish study habits that work for her
Online learning means your student is in charge; with help if she needs it, she’ll begin to develop study habits that lead to effective learning.

Your student will interact with state certified teachers when she wants
Your student will enjoy one-on-one communication with her teachers. She’ll never get “lost in the crowd” or feel awkward about asking questions in front of large groups.

Your student will research and submit assignments the 21st century way
Your student will access a variety of online resources for his research; then submit his assignments electronically. Your student’s teachers will in turn provide their feedback electronically, within 72 hours of receiving a completed assignment.

Your student will earn his diploma
iQ Academy grants students a high school diploma and transcript that will be recognized by colleges and universities around the country.

Award-winning curriculum, including Foreign Language, AP and a wide range of elective courses Local and national clubs, face-to-face events and a national iQ community website to help your child make friends.

Parents can monitor student progress and performance online and in monthly progress reports. If needed, students may receive use of a personal computer only while enrolled full-time and actively participating in the program.

For more information contact us at [email protected] or 1-866-207-6108.

 iQ Academy—Accredited, Public, Tuition Free!