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Podcast: Learning Styles, The Key to Confidence & Success

FOLLOW US ON: APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PLAY | STITCHER In this podcast, we interview Mariaemma Willis about learning styles and related effects on confidence and success. She is a Learning Success Coach and offers many tools to help parents and students succeed according to their leaning style. Learning style information is important because many students grow up thinking that […]

Understanding Learning Styles

Learning styles or even learning preferences addressed in the right way can make or break your homeschool. Read on to find out more.

Tips To Make Distance Learning Successful For Your Child

Distance education offers a smorgasbord of educational opportunities and the utmost in flexibility. As a result, the advantages of distance learning are as varied and as individualized as the students themselves. There are many ways to maximize these advantages and optimize the distance learning experience for your family. iQ Academy would like to offer some helpful hints on how to make distance learning a success in your home.

Summer Learning Guide

Looking for fun summer learning activities to keep away the summer slide? Get your free tools for summer homeschooling here.

Preschool and Independent Learning

Preschoolers are natural explorers. What better time to introduce them to independent learning than when they are at their most curious? Learn more here!

Episode 46: Multiple Intelligences Learning | Rebecca DeVitt

FOLLOW US ON: APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PLAY | STITCHER Hello everyone! I’m Jamie with and welcome to our new homeschool help series entitled The Homeschool Helping Hand. We’re hoping that this mini virtual conference will be a helpful resource for all homeschooling parents. Today’s episode is being pre-recorded, however, I will be available to answer any questions you […]