Going Deeper With Your Homeschool Plans

Welcome to all of our new homeschoolers! And a great big “Hello” to all of our old friends! We are so excited to be a part of helping so many families start their own personal homeschooling journey. All of us at Homeschool.com have been hard at work gathering our best resources and advice. In fact, we’ve pulled together our collective experience as long-term homeschooling moms and have brought our homeschool community a solid series of homeschooling resources that are sure to help even the most timid step into confidence!

If you are just starting this journey please take a minute to read through our Getting Started Homeschooling Guide. This will help you with the first few steps to starting to homeschool. Once you’ve gotten your first steps in order, join us for the next segment of establishing your homeschool, How to Find and Implement a Homeschooling Method and How to Find a Homeschool Curriculum and Start Homeschooling! These are both crucial steps to experiencing a homeschool year full of joy and learning adventures!

Other Topics in this Issue

How To Find and Implement Your Homeschooling Method

If you are new to homeschooling, you have likely come across the phrase “homeschool method.” These methods are merely another tool for families to use if they find it helpful! Your homeschool method will be as unique and individual as your family and your lifestyle will be!

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How to Find a Curriculum and Start Homeschooling

When you finally check off the logistics of starting to homeschool, you can begin one of the most intimidating steps: planning your homeschool. This is the point when you find a curriculum and decide how your student is going to learn the curriculum in two semesters. This step is important to get everyone on the same page!

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