How to Finish the Year Strong

Personal Advice on How to Finish the Year Strong

Rebecca Kochenderfer
Editor of

Staying programmed for homeschooling success is crucial to how far you will get this year. When I looked back on the times my family and I were unhappy, lost, unfulfilled, procrastinating, or feeling totally lousy and hopeless, I realized those were all times when I had programmed myself for failure. The negative thoughts I had and the beliefs I held all became my reality.

But, we get to choose our thoughts and beliefs, so I changed mine! In doing so, I changed our homeschooling reality. Since then, we have achieved so much; all it took was the decision to implement a few simple, daily habits and practices.

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Today, I want to share with you the steps I take to help me maintain a positive attitude and outlook, and to keep our family programmed for homeschooling success:

  1. I focus on growth and I look for the positive.
  2. We chose a homeschooling motto that inspired us.
  3. We chose a song that made us feel powerful and confident and we played it to get us into a positive mood.
  4. In the morning, before I start my day, I visualize how I want my day to unfold. This, and focusing on growth, have probably helped me the most.


Visualize what you hope to accomplish in order to finish the school year strong. How are you going to show the growth they achieved this year – perhaps with a “then & now” portfolio?

I hope you achieve everything you want in your homeschooling!

Rebecca Kochenderfer