Special Needs Homeschooling

All of us at Homeschool.com believe passionately that home is the best place to educate a child. This context is even more profound when it comes to the special needs learner. Who else knows the child like his parents? Yes, special needs education does require special considerations and often special training. Yet, for most parents, this is a small price to pay to invest in the child they love. Every child needs to feel that love, but even more so the special needs child. Homeschooling is the perfect place to develop a tailor-made educational plan for a special learner. In fact, more and more families are realizing this, which is why homeschooling the special needs learner is a growing niche within the homeschool world. This is exciting and we at Homeschool.com hope to be a helping hand in this endeavor. Every differently-abled learner has individual learning needs that may require a certain style of teaching or a varied methodology. We can in no way provide every resource needed, but we have pulled together a collection of special needs resources that will certainly be a reference for years to come.


What to Do to Get Started
  • Fulfill legal requirements. Each state’s legal requirements differ, and it is always a good idea to clear up any legalities before starting on your homeschool journey.
  • Know Your Child. Learn all you can about his/her disability. Doing research both online and at your library can enable you to understand the best approach to teaching/learning that your family will need to follow.
  • Get Support. Find support groups in person and online. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t feel isolated and alone. Find other homeschool¬†families with a similar situation, their advice will be invaluable.
  • Choose Curriculum Wisely. There are many teaching methods, curriculums, and styles that are viable means of educating; but finding what fits your child’s learning needs is paramount.
  • Find Peace. Anxiety and worry are not conducive to a healthy learning environment. Children can sense this and even adopt these unhealthy emotions.


Videos About Homeschooling Special Needs