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Teaching Math to the Child with Autism If you’re getting ready to teach math to a student with autism, you’ll soon discover that there will be a lot of exciting, a-ha moments, as well as a few challenges along the way. However, employing specific strategies and getting to know your child on an academic level can help make the experience enjoyable for both of you and help you overcome any obstacles like a pro.

Barton Reading & Spelling System
Recommended by Laurie Bradshaw: “It is a great teaching tool. It is scripted, so a parent can just read the material. I have used 5 levels with my daughter. I would recommend that you buy the first two levels on eBay and then re-sell. Purchase the 3rd level new.”

Dyslexia.com is filled with resources to help you teach your struggling learner.

Dyslexia- A Gift?
Lillian Jones writes a review of The Gift of Dyslexia, a book written by Ron Davis, who is himself a dyslexic.

Happy Dyslexic
There is a lot of confusion and negativity about dyslexia. The result is a lot of frustration to all involved. Let’s try to turn that situation around. Let’s try to better understand dyslexia and see ways forward.

Children’s Dyslexia Centers
At 59 Learning Centers in 13 states, the Children’s Learning Centers tackle the challenge of dyslexia head-on, both by providing free tutoring for children with dyslexia and by training a growing cadre of highly skilled and dedicated tutors.

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic
Educational titles are available in every subject area and grade level from kindergarten through graduate studies, RFB&D’s digitally recorded textbooks are effective learning tools for students challenged by the printed page.

Child 1st Publications
We are Bob and Sarah Major. We launched the Child1st website out of our desire to share with other teachers some of the teaching tools we have found to be very effective with children who struggle in traditional classrooms, or with traditional teaching approaches.

Homeschooling a Child with Down Syndrome  Although everyone with Down syndrome will have the atypical chromosome configuration in common, writing an article about how to homeschool students with Down syndrome is still sort of like writing an article about how to homeschool people with blue eyes! Everyone is different, and that’s probably the first thing any parent planning to homeschool should understand.

Down Syndrome Education International
Down Syndrome Issues and Information is a unique range of practical and informative books offering comprehensive information about development, education and adult living for people with Down syndrome. Samples available.

Essential Learning Institute
Check the symptom list, and LD hope will match your child with the correct learning materials.  800-285-9089 or 610-264-8355.

Golden Educational Center
The materials are developed in an easy-to-read and use format. We strive to make every activity visually simple for students. This helps not only the students that have visual discrimination difficulties but all students.

Hands-on Tasks and Ideas for Special Education
Activities designed to build & develop basic skills for children and adults who may be challenged by learning and developmental disorders.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
New and bestselling resources for special educators. Books that make a difference. Facebook and Twitter.

Learning Abilities Books
Explore children’s books, lesson plans, and other educational resources for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers with regular and special education children in Pre-K through 5th grades.

Playtime is Science for Children with Disabilities
A curriculum that aims to increase the ability of teachers, staff, and parents to motivate and empower students with disabilities in grades K – 4 to develop science skills, build on their strengths, and develop confidence and skills in science.

Read Naturally
Provides a reading strategy that combines teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring to remediate fluency problems and accelerate the reading achievement of struggling readers.

Remedia Publications
Specializes in developing materials for students whose skill levels are significantly below grade level.

Smart Tutor
A homeschool program which will allow children with special needs to have their specific needs addressed and also avoid many obstacles that they would face in a traditional classroom.

The Struggling Reader
The Struggling Reader provides real help for all children learning to read, but especially those who may be struggling. Guided by the landmark National Reading Panel report and current research, these materials were developed by reading specialists who homeschool their own children, Dr. William Eckenwiler and Kristen Eckenwiler.

Super-Duper Publications
We love making creative, colorful educational materials that you and your children will love. (Believe it or not, we have as much fun making them as your kids will have learning with them!)

Teaching Jeremiah
Curriculum specifically geared toward teaching special needs children developed by a homeschool Mom of an Autistic child.