Teen Homeschool Student Planner

Teaching your homeschooled teen organizational skills is vital to preparing them for adulthood. Using their own homeschool planner is a great way to help them establish their own organizational routines.

I have always loved teaching my children how to learn independently and one crucial step toward accomplishing that was teaching them the practical skill of using a daily/weekly homeschooling planner. Over the years, I’ve purchased several and realized that can get expensive when you have several children. This is why the team at homeschool.com has pulled together a series of student homeschool planners that you can download for free!

How To Help Your Teen Use a Student Planner

  • I take my pdf download of the homeschool planner to my local office store. I ask them to print it in full color and 3-hole punch the entire planner.
  • I purchase a transparent cover 3-ring binder and I slip the cover of my planner into the cover of the binder and then fill the binder with my freshly printed homeschool planner!
  • Once I’ve planned our homeschool year using my own Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner, I can then give my students the weekly goals for their own planning purposes.
  • I typically help my teens for the first few weeks of the homeschooling year. I give them tips and pointers on how to make a plan that works consistently.

Download Your Teen Student Planner