Homeschool Holiday Do’s and Don’ts!

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We’re quickly approaching the holiday season which usually means chaos is about to ensue. Between prepping for family visits, cooking large meals, decorating the house, and of course homeschooling, you probably think you have no choice but to get stressed out and overwhelmed, but you do! After all, the whole point of this wonderful time of year is to enjoy each moment with family and friends, not stress over the little things. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind these next few months.

DO: Have a game plan. During the holidays it isn’t necessary to stick to your normal homeschool schedule, be flexible with your planning. Whether traveling or expecting family, go with the flow and get in some school work when the time allows.

DON’T: Say yes to everyone and everything. Think about how much time you can truly devote to a particular event/task without overdoing it. Scheduling too much will not only overwhelm you, but also the kiddos during the crazy holidays.

DO: Relax. Yes, you have a lot of people depending on you, but don’t forget about how important me time is. So pencil in an hour or two to sit and enjoy a cup of Joe at a cafe, watch a movie, or pamper yourself with a manicure or haircut.

DON’T: Put homeschooling on the back burner. Even during holidays and vacation, it’s important to keep the children in learning mode. Involve them when making travel arrangements, preparing meals, and holiday shopping. Not only will they gain life skills, but they’ll also discover that learning can happen anywhere, anytime.

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