How to Avoid Homeschool Burn Out

October 7, 2017
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Guest Author

2. Rebecca Kochenderfer – How to Avoid Homeschool Burn Out

Homeschool burnout is a REAL thing. As a veteran homeschooling mom, Rebecca Kochenderfer knows all too well what that feeling is like. In this video, she talks about her homeschooling journey and shares with us tips for avoiding homeschooling burnout. She’ll talk about the method that is most likely to lead to burnout, as well as what we can do to avoid that burnout.

Video Highlights:

:25 – Who is Rebecca Kochenderfer, anyway?

:57 –
 Rebecca’s tips for avoiding homeschool burnout. Find out which homeschooling method has the highest rate of homeschool burnout and why.

2:35 – If not burnout, then what? Learn what DOES work and how you can avoid homeschool burnout by thinking creatively!

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