5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in your Homeschool

April 22, 2019
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Mark your calendar! This coming Monday is Earth Day.  Even though we should be honoring our planet throughout the entire year, it is nice to have a day that we can ALL celebrate our beautiful planet.  Celebrating our planet can and should be fun, rewarding, and helpful. Here are a few fun and easy ways to be a part of Earth Day.

Go to a farm on Earth Day

Going to a farm and seeing all the land has provided for us is an amazing way to show respect to our planet.  In the past, my family and I went strawberry picking on Earth Day. We had a wonderful discussion while eating the fruits of our labor about how with a little bit of love and care our planet can give us so much.  

 Enjoy a Hike

 There is so much to learn while out on a hike besides enjoying a healthy activity.  You can:

  • Plant identification
  • Bug identification
  • Animal identification
  • Animal Tracking
  • Bird Watching
  • Nature Journaling
  • Nature drawing
  • Create a nature shadow box
  • Paint a picture using natural resources found on your hike

The list is endless.  Teaching kids to unplug and connect with nature is an amazing way to spend the day dedicated to our planet.

Pick up Litter

  Giving our planet a little clean up is can be just as fun as it is rewarding.  How – you ask? Here are some easy ways:

  • Be Prepared
    • Have trash bags
    • Picking stick
    • Gloves
    • Good walking shoes
    • Sunscreen
    • Water
  • Ask some friends to join you.  What can be more fun than getting a group of your friends to help do some cleanup
  • Pick a place that you frequent.  Picking a place that you love to enjoy like a park or playground makes it more personal for you.

Make a Sweet Treat for Earth Day

Making these Earth Day cookies are fun and so cute!

Earth Day Treat

  • Take any sugar cookie recipe you use
  • Divide it into two bowls
  • Add blue food color to one bowl and mix well (the ocean)
  • Add green food color to the other bowl and mix well (the land)
  • Take some blue and green dough and mash a little together and then flatten
  • Follow your cooking directions and ENJOY!

Set up a Recycling System in Your Home    

An amazing way to help our planet all year round is to have a recycling system in your home.  This simple chart is what I have printed out and posted on our refrigerator to help remind us what we can recycle.    

Earth Day Chart
The steps were so easy:

  • I went to my local supply store
  • Bought 5 large plastic containers
  • Printed some simple labels with paper, metal, cardboard, plastic, and glass
  • Labeled my bins
  • Found a convenient spot in our garage
  • Started recycling!
  • About once a month I take my items to our local recycling plant  


Helping our planet can be fun, rewarding, all year long and tasty.  Have a Happy Earth Day and Hug a Tree!

About Nancy:

Nancy Parcels

Nancy is an Orthodox Christian wife and mom to a 6-year-old son and two angels originally from Illinois.  She has been married to a chef for almost 10 years and has homeschooled her son his whole life.  She has a Montessori Certificate in pre-primary education and has enjoyed tutoring children for 15 years.  She is a huge advocate for literacy and the family read-aloud movement and currently uses Classical Conversations. Nancy and her family enjoy the beauty of living in South Carolina!




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