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Cinco de Mayo Study Resources

4 May 8:08 am

History of Cinco de Mayo In 1861, Benito Juarez became president of Mexico. At that time, Mexico was financially unstable…

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San Jacinto Day: The Battle for Texas Independence

15 April 11:14 am

Independence isn’t something we should take for granted. After all, independence and individual freedoms lie at the heart…

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The History of Easter with Study Resources

21 March 10:45 am

You know spring has sprung into full gear when you start seeing blog posts about homeschool conventions and Easter activities!…

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St. Patrick’s Day Studies

12 March 10:53 am

The spring season is here, which means it’s time for spring holidays! While most people don’t forget about fluffy bunnies…

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Why Do We Celebrate Presidents’ Day? Lessons for Every Child

14 February 8:41 am

Chances are good that if you check your calendar, the third Monday of February is Presidents’ Day. Why do we celebrate…

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FREE Valentine’s Day Mini Unit Study

7 February 10:06 am

Show your family some love by giving them a day off from the usual homeschooling! Instead, consider doing a Valentine's Day…

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FREE Martin Luther King, Jr. Resource Guide

12 January 7:06 am

The Civil Rights Movement took place in the U.S. from 1954-1968. Because African Americans didn’t have the same rights…

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Resolutions: Do They Really Work?

3 January 8:45 am

Are you ready for some fresh, new things this year? New friends, new faces, new ideas, and new resolutions are among the…

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Holiday Boredom Busters

27 December 11:05 am

We’re two days in and the kids are already starting to complain of boredom! What’s a parent to do? Since television is…

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Polar Express Mini Unit Study

23 December 8:19 am

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg is one of the most popular books/movies to study during the holidays. One way to…

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