MARCH 30, 2021

Easter Homeschool Activities for Kids and Families

Easter is always a fun time of the year, isn’t it?  It’s a day for candy, games, delicious food, and without even half the pressure that comes with Christmas. In my book, that’s a solid…

MARCH 26, 2021

15 Great Children’s Books to Read for Easter

It's always a favorite at our house to find great books to read aloud or read individually during the week before a holiday. Easter is no different. Reading books that share the faith-based Easter…

MARCH 15, 2021

St. Patrick’s Day Homeschool Study and Book List

The spring season is here, which means it’s time for spring holidays! While most people don’t forget about fluffy bunnies bringing baskets of candy, St. Patrick’s Day sometimes gets lost…

JANUARY 14, 2021

Homeschool Lapbook Tips for Anytime of the Year

What Is a Homeschool Lapbook? A lapbook is like an educational scrapbook. Some people also consider homeschool lapbooking similar to homeschool notebooking. Think of it as a way of capturing…

DECEMBER 29, 2020

Homeschooling Goals for a Mid-Year Transition

  The semester is wrapping up and things are ending! The seasons are changing and so are you—and your children. Winter is a fantastic season full of opportunities for fun, wonder, learning,…

DECEMBER 22, 2020

Smart Ways to Prep for More Indoor Time

Guest post by Heidi Rosenberg Staying indoors has been a common phrase this year, a.k.a. quarantine. We all have had our fair share of time at home, so much so, that we are craving the outdoors.…

DECEMBER 19, 2020

World Schooling: Learning the True Spirit of Giving Through Volunteering

Guest post by Crystal Esteves from the Culture Trotters. A year ago, I was preparing for Christmas just as millions of Americans are right now. I was all caught up in my first world problems,…

DECEMBER 18, 2020

Finding Teachable Moments During the Holiday

Sponsored by Time4Learning. After homeschooling for many years, I found a way to incorporate a different way of learning during the holiday festivities. This not only keeps my kids focused…

DECEMBER 17, 2020

10 Mom-Approved Gift Ideas for Kids That’ll Arrive in Time!

Feeling stretched this holiday season? Behind on Christmas shopping and activities? We could all use a helping hand this year. This list is for you if you still need gift ideas in time for Christmas! If…

DECEMBER 14, 2020

VOTE in Our Holiday Decoration Contest!

Upload a photo of your favorite holiday decoration and tell us why it's your favorite! You'll be entered to win a $100 gift card and a feature on our blog. /**/