Ambassador International – Christian Publisher

September 20, 2017
Written by:
Guest Author

Ambassador International is a Christian publisher that offers many genre of books including Bible Study & Devotionals, Biographies, Christian Living, Cooking & Lifestyle, History, Inspirational and more.  Plus, they offer many Children & Young Adult books – all with a positive or faith-based message.

The company sent us five titles. We received Bella Gets Rescued, Firefighter’s Busy Day, Creative Christopher, Dog Tales, and Literal Lily.

All of the books are available on


Bella is one pampered kitty! She has a warm bed, tasty food, and owners who love her—but she was not always that way. Follow the humorous story of Bella, a sassy cat who started off as a lonely kitten without a home or a family to love her. From dodging raindrops to running from lawn-mowers, being a stray cat isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Bella ventures on a crazy journey as she moves from place to place, never knowing that what she really needed all along was a family to love her.

In order to accept her new home, Bella must learn a valuable lesson in Bella Gets Rescued: God’s love and assurance can conquer all fear.


WOW! Firefighters are busy! They have many tasks to do each day including “washing, waxing, shining the truck, cleaning the gear, getting rid of the muck.”

In Firefighters’ Busy Day, children can see the jobs firefighters do before, during, and after a fire call. Through the use of movement written into the text, they can even help firefighters get their jobs done.

Young children can pretend to be busy firefighters, too, by trying some of the included fire safety activities or having a firefighter-themed meal. These activities are sure to turn everyday learning into firefighter fun.


When a gigantic snowstorm keeps Christopher inside without any of his things, he is doomed to have a boring and gloomy day. Or is he? With nothing but some construction paper, markers, and his imagination, Creative Christopher turns a snowy, stormy day into a series of fun-filled adventures. From flying planes and fishing to baking and exploring . . . the activities are limitless when he is creative. Join Christopher, Nana, and Papa as they show us that whenever we think there is nothing to do, turn on that vivid imagination! Fun is just an idea away.


Let’s emBARK upon a whole new journey with eight real adopted dogs, their friends, and family. As these incredible canines discover the blessings of following God’s plan, we laugh and learn more about life, ourselves and our Creator. Dog Tales is based on the Beatitudes, part of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-12). For each Beatitude, a special adopted pet represents and exhibits the important character Jesus calls for His followers. Dog Tales gets pup close and personal with these amazing dogs—adopted by the author and her family—and also features other adoptive pet friends. As you visit each tale, may you be motivated through stories of God’s love, humility, mercy, hope, courage, compassion, peace and joy. Don’t miss any of the books in this new Children’s Compassion Series including Cat Tales and others to come.


Rise and shine! Shop ‘til you drop!  Eat you right up! Ahhhh!!!!   As Lily and Mommy embark on a shopping trip to get supplies for her first EVER day of school, this adorable, curly-haired girl is easily confused when she takes commonly-used sayings exactly as they are spoken.  Through the book’s humorous situations and beautifully illustrated scenes, both Lily and the readers will not only learn the meaning of literal and some of today’s idioms but will also find themselves laughing along the way.   Literal Lily will inspire kids to ask questions, demonstrate different and descriptive verbiage, and most importantly, it will entertain.