Born Free True-Life Stories Your Kids Will Love

April 17, 2017
Written by:
Guest Author

Born Free books tell the stories of wild animals around the world that have been saved from a lifetime of cruelty and suffering.

Chances are, parents will be intrigued by these books as they recall the movie Born Free. The movie told the true story of Elsa, an orphaned lion cub, who was brought up by Joy and George Adamson, and then released back into the wild.

Similarly, children will be inspired as they read how Born Free comes to the rescue of animals today. Not only will kids learn about the animals, they will also learn about empathy, taking a stand for what they believe in, and making the world a better place.

Chimp Rescue

Born Free chimp rescue graphic


Dolphin Rescue


Elephant Rescue


Leopard Rescue


Lion Rescue

Born Free lion rescue graphic

The books are just $6.99 each, so they’re certainly affordable.  This is a plus, since reading just one book probably won’t be enough. You (and your children) will probably want to read each and every book in the series!