Easter Homeschool Activities for Kids and Families

March 30, 2021
Written by:
Courtney Newman

Easter is always a fun time of the year, isn’t it?  It’s a day for candy, games, delicious food, and without even half the pressure that comes with Christmas. In my book, that’s a solid win for a holiday! To celebrate Easter, we’ve gathered a number of sites and activities for your kids to enjoy. Who says you can’t learn and have fun at the same time?  In actuality, isn’t that one of our main goals as homeschoolers?

Easter Sunday is a unique holiday because it is celebrated with exuberance by both Christian homeschoolers and secular homeschoolers. Whether you are religious or you are excited for the fun Easter activities and candy, it’s a holiday enjoyed by many. Thankfully, Easter is a day that lends itself to lots of activities for kids, from dying eggs to Pinterest crafts. Easter activities are some of the year’s most enjoyable because they are uplifting, delicious, and downright adorable!

Fun & Educational Easter Sunday Links  

It’s fun to try something new each holiday, even if it’s simple. Variety keeps things interesting and engaging! If you’re looking for information on the history of Easter, common traditions, and interesting tidbits, you’ve come to the right place. Have your children been asking, “What is Easter?” If they are now old enough to understand, it is the perfect chance to peruse these educational resources. Finally, Easter Sunday has plenty of activities for kids to offer desperate parents this season! In this list, among the historical and traditional information about the holiday, you’ll find several Easter activities and DIYs. Enjoy!

Printable Easter Activities for Kids

Beyond learning about Easter as a holiday, it’s fun to solve themed crosswords and mazes! These printables make for simple and quick activities for kids on Easter Sunday, without the need for planning, preparation, shopping, or instructions. Next year, your kids won’t be the ones asking, “What is Easter?” Instead, they’ll be the ones reminding you to find new crafts! We hope you and your children can enjoy these Easter activities. From our house to yours, Happy Easter!

Courtney Newman

Courtney Newman is a homeschooled graduate with a love for writing. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Health Science at University of the People. Other than writing, her hobbies include reading, yoga, visiting the beach, and meditating. She lives with her husband and pets in coastal Virginia.