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Homeschool Planning

Online College Credit: Student Success Stories

13 September 6:04 am
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As a growing number of homeschoolers migrate to college, and as colleges and universities branch out to provide new learning…

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Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool Classroom

27 August 4:48 am
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As the new homeschool year approaches, you want to make sure your homeschool classroom is ready to go by the time the first…

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How to Start Homeschooling

20 August 8:21 am

Whether you're just beginning to homeschooling or are in your 15th year, every year can be different. Life happens, kids…

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How to Use Vision Boards to Refresh Your Homeschool

27 July 5:05 am

Are you the type of person who thinks big but has difficulty following through?? Great ideas come easy, but you just can’t…

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Five Tips For Planning A New Homeschool Year

24 July 1:54 pm
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It is almost time to get back to school and that means planning and ordering your curriculum. Wading through all the choices…

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Hybrid Homeschools: A Movement of the Future?

11 July 6:26 am

Let’s face it: there are definitely times we want to throw in the towel on homeschooling and totally call it quits. These…

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8 Essential Time Management Skills for Homeschoolers

9 July 5:53 am

Time-management is an essential skill that’s a must-have regardless of your social status, occupation, and portfolio. No…

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How Multi-Level Teaching Can Save the Day

27 June 7:59 am

Are you feeling blown away while trying to keep up with teaching multiple grade levels at once? Most school teachers only…

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Don’t Give Up! You Can Finish Strong

14 May 6:32 am

Is it June yet? Seriously - one more month of this homeschooling stuff and you’ll probably be ready to turn your parent…

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Pros and Cons of Homeschooling Year-Round

9 May 8:56 am

Is it time for a break? Do you have it in you to homeschool year round? The answer to these questions depends on what makes…

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