How to Find Funding for Homeschooling

October 15, 2022
Written by:
Naomi White

It’s news to no one that costs for everything are on the rise these days, causing most of us to reevaluate budgets and cut expenses wherever we can. Unfortunately, some are having to rethink their decision to homeschool due to finances. If this is you, take heart! There is hope and help available. Did you know that certain places offer grants and allot funds for homeschooling families? Here are a few places to contact.

HSLDA Compassion Grants

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) actually has 3 different types of grants available!

  • HSLDA Annual Group Grants: If you are part of a homeschool organization, co-op, or group, you may qualify for a Group Grant. Visit their webpage for details, requirements, and further information.
  • Disaster Relief Grant: If you are a homeschooling family that has been impacted by a natural disaster in the past year, you can apply for the Disaster Relief Grant. The funds may be used toward replacement curriculum/school materials, household goods, or displacement costs.
  • Curriculum Grant: As it sounds, this mini-grant is available for curriculum materials, school supplies, co-op classes, testing, school-related tech, and necessary testing or therapies for students with special needs. This is their most popular grant, so be sure to get an application in as soon as they open availability.

Government Funding

Though it’s seldom mentioned, there is funding available from the government for homeschool families, especially if your child has special needs.

  • Check Your State for Grants: My state of North Carolina offers a disabilities grant of up to $4,000 per student per semester for tutoring, curricula, andFinding Homeschool Funding therapies. Each state is different, but it’s definitely worth checking into.
  • Check Your Local School District: Local school districts are recipients of public funding as well as state and federal funding. As a member of that district, you are entitled to a portion of that funding as well. Getting it is not a simple process, but if you cut through the red tape and jump through the proper hoops, you may be able to fund the majority of your homeschool costs. Find a helpful and kind district employee and get started!
  • Join a Public School Athletic Team: If you have an athletic child who is serious about competing on that level, contact that friendly district employee again and see what you can do about getting them an opportunity to join a local public school team. There are sometimes mini-grants available for necessary equipment or sports-related expenses.

Other Financial Assistance Opportunities

  • Check with Community or Technical Colleges in your area. They will often offer certain online classes for free to homeschool students.
  • Is there a certain place you’d like to take your children on a field trip? Contact the place directly and see if they offer free or discounted admission for homeschoolers.

Although these lists aren’t extensive, they do give you a place to begin. There are funds out there for homeschooling families who know where to look!


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Naomi White

Naomi White graduated with her B.S. in Christian Elementary Education and went on to earn her Early Childhood Education certification. She has taught preschool and elementary school in both Christian and public schools. She loves to read and write, is a pastor’s wife and stay-at-home mom, and is eagerly awaiting the day her son is old enough for them to start their own homeschool journey. Originally a Georgia girl, Naomi currently lives in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina with her family.