The Great Escapes Books

July 17, 2017
Written by:
Guest Author


This new series of books has everything young readers want: non-stop exploits, pulse-pounding quests, and young heroes! Great Escapes explores real historical events and shows young people working together to escape lethal situations—both natural and man-made.

Great Escapes
Gare Thompson

Each book: Paperback
Approx. 162–178 pp.
5 1/4″ x 7 9/16″
$7.99, Can$9.99

You can check out two Great Escapes options below.  The Underground Railroad book will be available in October.


Mount St. Helens 1980:
Fiery Eruption!

ISBN 978-1-4380-0972-8


From a fiery volcano . . .
Alex and Wendy both love exploring Mount St. Helens. Wendy is outgoing and curious while Alex is a shy child who likes doing things on his own. But when the long-dormant volcano suddenly erupts, Alex and Wendy must team up to save others . . . and themselves.



Underground Railroad 1854:
Perilous Journey

ISBN 978-1-4380-0973-5


to the Underground Railroad . . .
Two young slaves, George and Ruth, must rely on fellow teen Nathaniel to help them escape slavery. The path to freedom is long and treacherous, and there are many people hunting for the trio. Nathaniel is so young . . . and George and Ruth aren’t sure if they can trust him.


Great Escapes Gets Kids Excited About History
Children will be introduced to real historical figures that are interwoven into the stories. This will give curious readers the chance to seek out more information and spur a keen interest in famous people and places in history.


About the Author:
Gare Thompson, a former educator, has written numerous children’s books and is hard at work on his next bestseller. His specialty is historical fiction, but he has also written biographies about Helen Keller and Ben Franklin. Like the kids Gare works with and writes for, he believes we are lifelong learners and should never stop being curious. Gare lives in Massachusetts.