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October 17, 2022
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Guest Author

Guest post written by Grace Wigfield – NCG Insurance Agency

Understand why homeschool groups need homeschool insurance coverage, what kind of coverage to get, and where to get it.

Most homeschool group leaders do not realize they need insurance coverage for their co-op or group. In fact, many leaders are surprised when they inquire about a meeting space and need to show a certificate of insurance to the property owner. Unless parents are familiar with insurance, this task of insuring their homeschool group seems daunting and confusing. Plus, there is very little information about this type of insurance out there for parents. Stepping up to lead a homeschool co-op shouldn’t have red tape. Below, we have broken down why homeschool groups need insurance coverage, what kind of coverage to get, and where to get it.

Does my Homeschool Co-Op Need Group Insurance?

It is important to explain what homeschool insurance is. It is simply a separate and specific insurance policy for a homeschool co-op or group. This policy is tailored to provide financial coverage for its leaders and participants from unfortunate events such as medical accidents, property damage, and more.

The first step in determining if a group needs insurance is to view the state lawsIs Homeschool Group Insurance Necessary? required for the homeschool group. Depending on the state in which the group meets, some groups may be viewed as a “home-based business” and require a separate and specific insurance policy for the group. Also, again depending on states’ laws, if a credentialed teacher is brought in to conduct a class for the students, the group may need to provide the same employee safety requirements as a daycare with corresponding insurance coverage. Parents can view state homeschool laws with the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Second, most property owners that a group will rent space from, will require a Certificate of Insurance. This certificate proves to the property owner that if damages, theft, abuse, or an accident occurs on the property, the homeschool group has insurance coverage to help pay for these events. If the group does not have its own insurance coverage, this would put the building owner at risk for damages, and most owners would not allow the homeschool group to meet on the property. Some groups can bypass this by becoming an extension of the property’s business or ministry. In this case, the group may be covered under the property owner’s insurance policy. However, if the group plans to meet in different locations, have field trips or even social events, this option may still leave the homeschool group at risk depending on the type of coverage the business or ministry has.

Third and most crucial, if the group does not have insurance, the homeschool group leaders or hosts put themselves at a great deal of personal risk. Without homeschool co-op insurance, these leaders may be held personally liable and financially responsible if any unfortunate event occurs.

Many parents ask, “What if my group is meeting in my home? Am I covered under my homeowner’s policy?” While parents may be able to work with their personal insurance providers to add a homeschool group to their homeowner’s policy, the type of coverage needed for a homeschool co-op is unlike what a homeowners policy typically offers. If group leaders do this, they may be spending more money on coverage that isn’t designed for homeschool groups, leaving gaps in their coverage and protection. It is important to understand that without a separate, specific insurance policy, the host is held personally liable and could result in a financial loss and/or a personal lawsuit. Overall, being a co-op leader should not involve taking on personal and financial risks. That is why specific homeschool group insurance was created.

What Kind of Coverage Does My Group Need?

Let’s look at the different types of coverage:

  • General Liability – provides coverages for damages or theft to the property where the group rents or meets. This could be a church building, a group leader’s home, and more. Depending on the insurance provider and policy language it may include additional coverages.
  • Accidental Medical Coverage – provides excess (secondary) medical coverage if someone is injured and needs medical care while participating in a supervised or sponsored homeschool activity.
  • Abuse and Molestation Coverage – provides the organization with protection and legal defense if an accusation or actual loss happens.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O) – provides coverage to the leaders from potential financial losses if they are sued for actions they make on behalf of the group. This is recommended for groups that are required to be legally structured due to state laws.

General Liability, Accident Medical, and Abuse & Molestation coverage are highly recommended for homeschool groups. Directors and Officers liability coverage may also be necessary depending on the structure of the co-op.

Where Can I Get Insurance Coverage for my Homeschool Co-Op?

NCG Insurance Agency’s exclusive Homeschool Insurance Solutions program was created in 2005 to meet the homeschooling community’s unique insurance needs. Today, they insure thousands of support groups, co-ops, Classical Conversations communities, private tutors, and homeschool sports teams and leagues in all 50 states.

What makes their coverage simple to get, yet packed with affordable, strong protection for homeschool groups?

  • NCG’s simple online portal enables parents to create an account and select the coverage they need, bundled together with a real-time quote they can see. From there, they can pay and receive policy documents immediately. Also, should they ever need to view or edit their policy they can do so on the portal at any time.
  • Because NCG’s Homeschool Solutions programs were created specifically for homeschool groups, co-ops are getting the right coverage they need and not paying for coverage they don’t. Its affordable protection leaves group members at peace and secure.
  • If a group is legally structured, they offer coverage for both for-profit and nonprofit entities, as well as Directors & Officers Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance. They also offer private or group tutor insurance.

In conclusion, homeschool insurance is essential for every homeschool group. With NCG Insurance Agency’s Homeschool Insurance Solutions program, parents can skip the confusion and receive the affordable, yet strong protection their group needs, giving them back the time and energy to invest in their child’s education.


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