How to Prepare Your Homeschool Graduate for College

May 27, 2020
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This is it, the finish line is within your sight! Whether you have homeschooled only for a short time or if you have homeschooled your teen for many years, these last four years are a time of deep contemplation, looking at the past, plus looking forward to the future. 

How To Prepare Homeschoolers for College and Beyond

It’s all in the details! There are so many things to think about when you are preparing your homeschool students for life beyond the four walls of home. It’s an exciting time, a time for your teen to be dreaming of their unique future. There are some key points to keep in mind as you plan the steps for your student to become an adult. 


Provide college-prep coursework- If your student plans on continuing their education beyond high school it is a good idea to provide them college-prep coursework. Believe it or not, there are actually some free ways to do just that!  Homeschoolers of all types can take advantage of free online education resources to make great college prep courses for their high school students- Developing Free College Prep Courses


Consider online classes or outside classes- There are many advantages for a homeschooler to be found online. There are numerous online schools although if you go that route you are under the authority of that school and lose some flexibility. Online classes and curriculum are an excellent choice for high school classes and help give students the opportunity to become more independent learners. Most local homeschool communities also offer outlets for your student to take a class out in the community, often from a certified teacher even!


Take standardized tests regularly- With many states this is a yearly requirement but even if it isn’t, testing is a good way to see how much your student is learning in their studies and how much they are retaining. There are online testing options available, one on one testing such as the Woodcock-Johnson tests, and often there are group options for homeschoolers to do yearly testing. 


Prepare for the PSAT/SAT/ACT- Take a look and see what tests are required for college admittance and prepare far in advance. There are lots of resources to be found for prep for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests. Some colleges may look at more than one test and they are also a good idea for college scholarships. Getting Ready For The Big One – ACT/SAT Prep


Life Skills- Do not underestimate the importance of life skills. One of the ultimate goals of homeschooling high school is sending your child out in the world to become independent adults. A key to that is preparing them to handle all life throws at them. Here are 28 Essential Life Skills Your Teen Needs To Know To “Adult”


Don’t forget about transcripts- Keeping track of your high school student’s classes, grades, and even extracurricular activities like community service and sports are extremely important, especially if they plan on continuing their education beyond high school. As your teen’s teacher it is your responsibility to create an accurate and professional homeschool high school transcript to show potential colleges and employers. Use our homeschool high school transcript template here.


College visits- Visiting potential colleges is a great way to pique your student’s interest in discovering which college they would like to attend. It may help focus their thoughts on what they want to study in the future and what their plans for the future are. Tips For Homeschool Teens: College Visits


Dual enrollment can be a win-win- Many community colleges welcome high school students to take classes along with college students. Not only are they earning the high school credits that they need but also earning college credits. It’s a good way to give them a taste of what college classes are like. 


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