Mother Goose Time Review

June 27, 2017
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Mother Goose Time provides monthly subscription, thematic early-learning materials that work great in a homeschool setting (at home or in a co-op). The materials encourage skill based learning through play, while nurturing a child’s social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development. And the program is easy to implement, which is a plus.


What do you get in every monthly subscription? Included in every box:

Letters and Phonics Materials – Children learn 3 letters per month. Three sight words and a new word family game are included as well. By the end of the year, preschoolers have an understanding of the entire alphabet and an introduction to the dolch pre-primary sight words.


Print and Reading Comprehension Materials – Each month you receive a new book and Storytelling Scene with Character Pieces. These resources encourage emergent reading skills. Add the books to your homeschool library – they’re a great addition!


Emergent Writing Materials – Children have many opportunities to develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor control with the My Little Journal, Postcard, painting projects and monthly games which focuse on building emergent writing skills.


Counting and Number Materials – A new set of numbers, plastic counters, self-check number cards and Math Story Cards arrive every month. The colorful manipulatives help children learn to count, sort and problem-solve.


Reasoning and Logic Materials – These materials encourage problem-solving skills, as kids learn to build/construct with shapes. Gotta love manipulatives!


STEAM Materials – STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) resources are woven throughout the Mother Goose Time curriculum. This is such a plus!


Creative Thinking and Art Expression – Children have daily opportunities to explore art while using critical thinking and problem solving skills as well. What a great combination!


Music, Rhythm, Dance and Movement materials – Mother Goose Time includes a comprehensive music and movement program – and a new CD every month. It’s a great opportunity to build a CD library.

And Project and Lesson Planning Tools for You! – The Teacher Guide offers 20 comprehensive lesson plans for each monthly theme – with over 100 activity and project ideas. Very helpful!

There are many monthly, thematic options. I received the September curriculum – Me & My Family. It covers – My family, My feelings, My pets, and Friendly Traits. It focuses on the character trait of loving, the color green, circles, and the letters and numbers M, T, A, 1, 10 and 11. The Dance ‘n Beats CD is Dancing with My Family.

Our Mother Goose Time Curriculum Review

I was very impressed! Here are just some of the things I liked (there are so many, I’m afraid I’ll leave a few out!) –

The curriculum is theme-based. I like themed-based curriculum! Each theme creatively integrates colors, shapes, numbers and letters for the month. Plus, each month features a different music genre – that’s cool!
With this curriculum, your child learns 33 foundational skills as she plays, sings, creates art and tells stories. So, it’s FUN and educational!
The curriculum has a STEAM emphasis. I’m a fan of STEAM – it’s really important in today’s world.
Also, the curriculum combines storytelling and math – the book of the month comes with a complementing math game to integrate math and literacy concepts. VERY nice!

With your first box, you get a free getting started kit. Very helpful!
The Daily Discovery Bags (you get 20 for the month) are filled with art supplies, games, storybooks, photos, recipes, and science materials – everything you need for that particular day. Having daily bags makes your job an easy one!
Every monthly box includes a Teacher Tool Bag, which contains all your references and lesson planning materials for the month. The Theme Web shows you the organization the monthly theme – it’s very visual and easy to grasp. The Teacher Guide and Planning Journal are very helpful – and again, very visual. I appreciate all supporting materials.

The Circle Time Tool Bag includes letters, numbers, colors, and shapes for the month –you can save them each month and have a complete collection by the end of the year. I like being able to save/re-use items.
Similarly, you can build both a book and a music library! Books come in the monthly box and include a variety of fiction and nonfiction stories representing cultural diversity and good values. Each monthly box includes a music CD that helps reinforce the concepts you’re teaching.
There is a faith-based option – so you can transform your Mother Goose Time into a comprehensive Christian preschool program with their Experience God resources. Experience God corresponds to the Mother Goose Time monthly themes.

Ordering flexibility – you can order curriculum and add-ons, choosing how many months you want, and what theme you want to start with. Plus, you can order for one or more children, and in English or Spanish.
The website offers a Member Resources Page – you can download helpful items, such as Skill Stickers from this page. Plus, there are lots of extras on the site, including free downloads – and their blog is excellent.
In addition to their pre-school program, Mother Goose Time also offers:

Little Goose lesson plan  – This is a valuable option for homeschooling families with multiple little ones. Little Goose simplifies the Mother Goose Time activities so that children of all levels can learn and play together. It follows the same daily topics featured in the Mother Goose Time lesson plan book and uses many of the same materials.

Experience Baby – This infant/young toddler curriculum is for babies 3 to 18 months. It is a relationship-based model which provides experiences to support learning/development.

Dance ‘n Beats Lab – Dance ‘n Beats is a research-based movement program that helps children learn 21 movements to increase muscle control/encourage physical fitness.

PLUS SO MUCH MORE! You really should check out Mother Goose Time Learning!