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DECEMBER 14, 2020

VOTE in Our Holiday Decoration Contest!

Upload a photo of your favorite holiday decoration and tell us why it's your favorite! You'll be entered to win a $100 gift card and a feature on our blog. /**/

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DECEMBER 13, 2020

Christmas Scripture Copy Work Free Printable

Looking for a beautiful way to focus your thoughts on the meaning of the holiday season this month? Scripture focused on gratitude, joy and the reason for the season is perfect for doing just…

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DECEMBER 13, 2020

Plan for a Debt-Free College Education

Is a Debt-Free Education Even Possible? Is that even possible? With the insatiable rising costs of higher education, the idea of college for many graduates is becoming a distant dream. Who wants…

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DECEMBER 12, 2020

3 Key Differences Between Homeschooling and an Online School

Sponsored by Alpha Omega Publications. To a new homeschooler, the terms homeschooling and online schooling can seem nearly identical, especially if you’re using or considering using an online…

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DECEMBER 11, 2020

4 Ways Game Based Learning Supports Homeschooling

Sponsored by Sumdog. Are video games a valuable learning tool? Research says yes.   Game-based learning, which refers to the borrowing of gaming principles and applying them to real-life…

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DECEMBER 9, 2020

How a Homeschooler Can Get into Their First Choice College

Congratulations! You've been working hard and now the end of your high school journey is in sight. It's time to review your plan and make sure that what you've set in place will still carry…

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DECEMBER 8, 2020

Learning to Persevere in the Face of Special Needs Challenges

It's Wednesday morning and my child is in tears... and so am I.   My child is six years old and I am trying to get him to recite the alphabet with no luck.  I try verbally and in writing and…

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DECEMBER 4, 2020

Tips for Teaching Black History in Your Homeschool

This post is sponsored by YAAHA. We are in a crucial time in the history of the United States of America and it’s time for us as a homeschool community to examine our history studies and…

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DECEMBER 2, 2020

How Do I Find Time to Make Healthy Meals and Homeschool?

  Homeschool mom, Sarah L. asks,   My challenge is incorporating healthy meal prep into my already hectic day at home with the kids.  It seems like the day just flies by and the kids…

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NOVEMBER 30, 2020

31 Christmas Books to Enjoy this Season

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that we were headed back to school? This year has been a challenging year for most but we look forward to the new year with hope and anticipation. But wait...the…

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