Pepe Builds a Nest – an Anti-Bullying Book for Kids

July 24, 2017
Written by:
Guest Author

Ted Cohen has written a series of illustrated children’s books in verse, Stories for the Early Years. Currently, there are three books in the series, each teaching one or more valuable life lessons:

  • Book 1, an anti-bullying story, is titled Pepe Builds a Nest. It addresses bullying, making the right decisions, friendship, and forgiveness. (The story is actually based on Ted’s work in Antarctica some years ago.) By the way, in addition to the English edition, paperback editions of this book are available in Spanish and French.
  • Book 2, Rufus Finds a Home, teaches children about empathy and the difficulty of sometimes having to give up something we love.
  • Book 3, Fuzzy Wuzzy, about a bear, of course, teaches children to listen to their parents (in this case, Mama!)

You can learn more about these three books and find related classroom/home projects on the author’s website.