Printable Learning Games for Homeschool Families

September 29, 2017
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Printable Learning Games for Homeschool Families

This is a guest blog post from Super Teacher Worksheets

Homeschool learning can be exciting and adventurous when you incorporate educational games into your homeschool curriculum. Super Teacher Worksheets has an amazing selection of printable games for homeschool families. If you feel like your homeschool routine is getting somewhat stale or disengaging, consider using flash cards, memory matching games, board games, or card games from Super Teacher Worksheets to stir up some homeschool fun!

Teach basic multiplication skills to your homeschool learners with “To the Moon,” a popular printable board game on Super Teacher Worksheets. Print out and assemble this board game, which has an outer space theme. The objective is to be the first person to reach the “Moon Landing” by answering basic multiple choice questions correctly. This game is for two players. This board game is wonderful because it can be played with the flashcards provided or any set of multiplication flashcards that you would like to use. This game can be found on Super Teacher’s Multiplication Worksheets page.


Give your homeschoolers the opportunity to practice more advanced addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts with a “Magic Digits” printable card game. In the“Magic Digits” card game, use the digits provided to complete the math problem. This fun card game helps your homeschool students develop critical thinking skills. Choose the skill you want to work on with your kids and let the game begin! For example, decide whether you’d like to review subtraction with regrouping or without regrouping, and pick the “Magic Digits” card game accordingly. Download and print this game on the Super Teacher Worksheets Subtraction Page.


Reinforce fraction skills at home with an exciting card game. “Fraction Memory Match” is played like traditional concentration-matching games that most children are already familiar with. In this game, students will try to match the fraction number card to the card with the same fraction illustrated by a shape that is partially filled in. The player with the most matches wins the game. See which games work for you and your homeschoolers on Super Teacher’s Fraction Worksheets page.


Educational games are an excellent resource for homeschool families because kids learn important concepts while having fun at the same time. It’s great to be able to mix games and activities into your homeschool curriculum. When you do, you are letting your children see that learning can be fun!