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January 6, 2017
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For just $11.99 for the paperback book (or $6.99 for the e-book) –  you can have a GREAT grammar curriculum.  What a deal!

Paul Battles is a homeschooling parent and a Professor of English at Hanover College.  He’s written a book entitled, Teach Yourself GrammarTeach Yourself Grammar explains grammar in a way that’s easy to understand and remember. You won’t just learn a bunch of rules — you’ll understand the underlying principles, and why some rules do (and do not) work.

The book is divided into thirty short chapters that can be read in a single sitting. Each chapter contains explanations, key terms, questions, and exercises.  There are 27 lessons and 3 unit reviews.  The chapters include –

Words – Nouns; Adjectives and Determiners; Verbs; Pronouns, and more

Phrases – Adjective, adverb, and Propositional Phrases; Noun Phrases; Verb Phrase Structure; Infinite Phrases, and more

Clauses – Content Clauses; Relative Clauses; Punctuation; Kinds of Style, and more

FYI – you can buy the book on  Amazon.com.

In addition, there is an accompanying website, teachyourselfgrammar.wordpress.com which has lots of FREE resources for homeschoolers, including answers to all of the questions in the book.

So for just $11.99 for the paperback book, or $6.99 for the e-book – you have a GREAT grammar curriculum.  What a deal!

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