UWorld Product Review

September 5, 2017
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UWorld product review


UWorld.com is a software based test prep company. For the past 15 years they’ve been helping doctors and nurses with their licensing exams and now they are helping high school students prepare for the SAT.

Here’s a little information about their SAT program:

  • UWorld has MANY (over 1400) practice questions with detailed explanations (the explanations are really thorough), designed to mimic the SAT.
  • Because their SAT program is exclusively available online, UWorld is able to adapt quickly to changing trends in the SAT. As a result, their questions reflect the most current SAT questions.
  • UWorld is available for all online platforms: PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. Students can practice anytime, anywhere, and jump from platform to platform without losing any progress. This is especially important for teens.
  • UWorld believes that learning from incorrect answers is the best way to improve scores. Because of this, their program pays as much attention to wrong answers as it does to right answers. Their in-depth explanations of answers include step-by-step (easy to follow) solutions.
  • Students can customize their practice tests. Students can focus on one subject at a time or take an entire test, timed or untimed. They can choose the difficulty level (all, low, medium or hard); they can opt for or questions from the data bank that they’ve never seen before, or choose only those they’ve already missed; they can take in tutor (explanations are available) or timed mode; etc.
  • Students can track their performance and time. They can monitor their progress with reports and graphs. They can compare their results to peers – this includes the number of questions that were correct, how much time they took answering questions, and more. This data helps students identify weaknesses and improve.
  • To help them improve, students can create flashcards for quick review, and flag questions they need to return to. Helpful reference material is also available.
  • UWorld offers a FREE 30-day trial.
  • A recommended six-month subscription is only $79, which can see students through three SAT testing dates.
  • UWorld will be adding a new feature to give notifications to parents on the progress and activity of their students.  They’re calling it a “study portal” that will send email and text notifications on login activity (to ensure students are utilizing the resource) and the number of questions students have gone through weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly. 

If you’d like more information about the UWorld SAT product, you can visit their website at www.uworld.com.

What do I like about the UWorld College Prep program?

  • The UWorld College Prep program is intuitive and straightforward.
  • Students can customize their tests, as mentioned above – they can choose a math, reading or writing test; tutor (explanations available) or timed mode; choose questions they haven’t had before, or ones they’ve previously missed, etc.
  • I LOVE the detailed explanations for incorrect answers – the student really learns the right answer – as the student is shown step-by-step, the systematic way of solving problems/getting the correct answer. You can see an explanation for a reading question and for a math question at the end of this review.
  • The program even gives the answers/step-by-step directions for correct answers which I think is wonderful – this is good for students when they guess correctly – but really, have absolutely no idea why it’s the correct answer.
  • The performance and improvement tracking is a definite plus – it identifies weaknesses and tracks time – so a student can improve his/her overall knowledge and speed.
  • The site offers reference materials. Students can make their own flash cards – for quick review of formulas, vocabulary, etc. You can see a reference resource and a flash card below.
  • The company offers a 30-day FREE trial – and it is totally free – no credit card info is required.
  • The site offers lots of pricing options – I think options are always good.
  • Their test prep program is inexpensive – $99 for an entire year! Well worth the investment – and so much less than other programs I’m aware of (online and local classes).



UWorld product review

UWorld product review

UWorld product review

Example of a flash card


Here is an example of a reading question my teen got correct.

Even though she got it right, the answer is available.  I like that – because let’s be honest – sometimes kids guess!  If they do, they still need/want to understand why they guessed correctly.

Here’s a math question my teen got incorrect – this one includes the screen shot of the actual question, that it’s incorrect, and why it’s incorrect.

What don’t I like about this program? 

Can’t really say there’s anything!