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March 13, 2019
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Resources for Studying Women in History

Learn more about these amazing women with resources for in-depth study.

-Scholastic offers a useful timeline of accomplishments women have made in U.S history.How Women Changed History

-The National Register of Historic Places lists several places you’ll want to visit in your studies of women’s history.

-Tying language arts skills in with your study of women in history is a practical and time-saving way to study both. This Amelia Earhart unit study includes an expository writing exercise as well as other resources to round out your study.

-Need more resources? Visit our blog post to find out how women changed history! Also, learn how to create your own unit study in our guide.



Studying Real Women in History

Doing a Women's History Month unit study? See what we've packed into this post for you!


Many notable female figures have changed the course of American history. 

While only a few of these women are acknowledged on a regular basis, it’s usually the same women we’ve learned about for years. Looking for new female role models for your children? We saw that coming and blogged about female role models who don’t always make the headlines but who are just as important!




20 Books to Read about Women who Changed History

Homeschool Lit women in history20 Books about Women in History! Since the beginning of time women have played a pivotal role all over the world in subjects such as art, literature, science, mathematics, music, and even politics. There have also been some amazing inventions by women. Did you know that the circular saw and windshield wipers were invented by women?





Discover even more about Women in History!

Women in HistoryDiscover the great history behind Women in History Month, as well as the history behind women who changed history! Did you know the first woman to run for president of the United States was Victoria Woodhull in 1872! Pretty cool, right? Use the convenient printables to enrich your studies of women’s history.





Grab our Women in History Printable Pack Here!

Women in History Printable Pack
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Grab these fun printables with puzzles, word search, unscrambles and math facts to align your study of Women’s History month with some fun activities.

Click here to print the Women’s History Homeschool Pack.