Creative Writing Gift Ideas for Holiday Giving

November 18, 2019
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Writing something from the heart as a gift during the holiday gift-giving season can become a timeless treasure for the recipient. Ask my children or husband, I value cards and written notes more than any material gift someone gives me. It’s a gift of one’s time and effort. It’s a gift of self.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas that can be written by adults or children to give as special presents this year:

Writing Topics from Adults to Children:

(On special paper or miniature journal book)

  • The day you were born or adopted….
  • What life was like when I was your age in year _____
  • This is your family (share family history from one or both sides)

Writing Topics from Children to Adults:

  • A blank journal where the child has written questions at the top of each page for a grandparent to answer. These questions could include when and where they were born, what childhood/school was like, favorite activities or hobbies, favorite memory as a child and/or adult, or list of favorite foods. The possibilities are endless.

The grandparent will feel appreciated and the child will have a treasured keepsake.

Writing Topics from Adults to Children:

  • All the special things I love about you …
  • Best Memory Ever….
  • A Wishlist or Prayer List for you (present and/or future)
  • A Letter to Santa asking for wishes for that person
  • Thankful for all the things you do….
  • Coupon Booklets describing things to do together or for one another
  • A booklet or photo album – This is Your Life
  • A blank journal where an adult or child prepares a memory or a Remember When… book for either a spouse or child or parent. Each page can be a separate description of a special memory they have shared.
  • A Wordle or Word Cloud from a software program or Word Collage (written or printed from the computer) in different colors and fonts and in different directions
  • A Poem about your loved one –

Can be a haiku, an acrostic spelling out the name or relationship (DAUGHTER) or a characteristic of that person, a cinquain, or a limerick for example (Here is a link to help you write your own)

Through the years, I have saved holiday gifts of notes, letters, cards and even postcards from grandparents and other special people from our lives. As time goes by and my children grow older, those words bring on a deeper meaning as the years pass. They become wonderful mementos and memories.

I encourage you to try to include some of these special Christmas gift ideas in your holidays this year. You’ll be surprised by the results and you’ll be happy to have these wonderful keepsakes in the future.

Katie Glennon – Volunteer Contributor

Katie Glennon

Katie is a homeschool mom who graduated two boys who are now in college. Katie has an English and Secondary Education degree with classroom, online, and coop teaching experience as well as teacher training for grades PK through adult. Katie loves learning history through hands-on activities and science through nature exploration and has a passion for literature and the written word! Katie loves to share her experiences and joy for learning with other homeschoolers to help them make their journey more enjoyable and less stressful! Visit her at Katie’s Homeschool Cottage!