Curriculum That Address Special Needs Learners

Looking for a special needs curriculum that accommodates your student’s particular requirements can be very overwhelming. Our experience over the years has shown that there are a handful of tried and tested curriculums that fit children with special needs. We’ve pulled together some of the highlights that we have found helpful and we hope you find it to be a great starting point.

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Curriculum Resources for Special Needs

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Homeschool Programs for Children with Disabilities

Resources for Children with Disabilities

Seven Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Curriculum for Special Needs Students

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs Few curricula will address all the challenges of the special needs child, but Time4Learning has successfully helped many find success in their homeschool journey.

Special Needs Homeschooling Vendors This is a full list of homeschool vendors that support students with special needs

The curriculum that is considered “all in one”

  • Konos (K–8)
  • Time4Learning (K–12)
  • Heart of Dakota (K–12)
  • Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool (K–12)
  • Discovery K12 (Not the public school option, K–12)


  • Math-U-See (Pre-K–12)
  • Right Start Math (Pre-K–12)
  • Khan Academy (K-12)
  • Help Math (3–8)
  • Discover Geometry (High School)


  • Sing, Spell, Read and Write (Pre-K–2)
  • All About Reading (K-6)
  • Reading Assistant/ Scientific Learning (K-12)
  • MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (K-12)
  • Logic of English (K-12)


  • Sing, Spell, Read and Write (Pre-K–2)
  • Handwriting without Tears (Pre-K–5)
  • Write Shop (K-12)
  • Editor in Chief (2–12)
  • Read and Write Gold (5–12)


  • Sing, Spell, Read, and Write (Pre-K–2)
  • Logic of English (K-12)
  • Language Smarts (1–4)
  • Analytical Grammar (4–12)
  • Get Smart Grammar (5–12)

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