Learning can be FAST—and Effective!

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Howard Berg

Learning can be FAST—and Effective!

Howard Stephen Berg is recognized as the world’s fastest reader thanks to the cutting edge accelerated learning techniques he developed that turn information overload into information assets. Respected internationally for his contribution to the learning process, he is listed in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records for reading more than 25,000 words a minute and writing more than 100 words a minute.

In addition, Howard has appeared on over 1,000 radio and television programs including Neil Cavuto, Jon Stewart, and Live With Regis. His brain-based learning strategies have been hailed as a major breakthrough in publications like Forbe’s FYI, Selling, Men’s Health, Red Book, and Bottom Line Magazine, and have been featured in dozens of newspaper interviews throughout North America.

Howard uses his talents to train people to stay on top of the information their success depends upon. In his interview, Howard offers many recommendations on how you can take your homeschooling from ordinary to extraordinary—including the teaching and encouragement of entrepreneurial skills. He offers a free lesson here.

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