Homeschooling Elementary School

From preschool to preparing for homeschooling middle school, your elementary school child is growing and learning every day!

Homeschooling elementary school is a wonderful age to begin your homeschool experience. Elementary school homeschooling is an exciting time when so much is learning through play. Don’t sweat the little things, and enjoy the small victories! Elementary school students are old enough to find excitement in the transition and bring an understanding to their new circumstances. We’re here to help you enable them to adapt to these changes and embrace preschool and elementary school with joy!

Additional Elementary School Resources

Even if you’ve already been homeschooling, elementary school is an incredible age to teach. You’ll see your child transition from a preschooler and when they finish elementary school they’ll be ready to test the waters of middle school! These are the years between basic preschool concepts and the more abstract middle school lessons. Your child is growing fast, but he or she isn’t grown quite yet. All that to say, your homeschooling elementary school years are precious and we are excited to help you on your journey!

Tips for Homeschooling Elementary School

Elementary school years are our favorite homeschooling years. The team of homeschool moms at have enjoyed the hands-on learning adventures that come through homeschooling those grade school years.

Tip #1 Be Flexible.

Don’t stress about getting everything precise at this age. Yes, we always want to teach our children to strive for excellence in what they do, but pressuring young learners will only result in disdain for learning. Many homeschool parents ask us “How long should we homeschool our elementary students?” The answer again is flexibility. Every student will be a bit different but a good rule of thumb is around 1-2 hours for elementary school, 2-3 for middle school and 3-4 hours for high school.

Tip #2 Teach Your Children to Help.

One of the biggest challenges among homeschool parents is having the time to do all the things. A lifesaver tip is to teach the kids how they can help you. Teaching them how to plan their day (these student planners work great), how to check their work, and how to turn in papers efficiently are all great starts to putting your homeschool organization tasks on autopilot.

Tip #3 Plan For Fun.

Being intentional about making your homeschool day enjoyable is key to joyful homeschooling. So often we’ve found ourselves forgetting to do the hands-on enjoyable learning activities in favor of “finishing” worksheets or workbooks and books. Dear parent, the worksheets are much less important than we think they are. The memories and learning that will take place in authentic, hands-on experiences is much more meaningful!

Tip #4 Do What Works For You.

Don’t fall into the trap of doing what other people do, just because they look happy and successful. Homeschooling is all about flexibility and freedom, so take that and embrace it. You are free to make your homeschool day, your children’s education, look like what you believe fits your family.

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