Elementary Homeschool Printables

You can always use a helping hand when homeschooling elementary school! We get it, we work hard to homeschool. We’ve found that creating simple easy to use homeschool printables are a great way to lighten the load. Also, using elementary school worksheets in your homeschool is a great way to reinforce the information that you are teaching your students and elementary worksheets are also a good resource to use to review material that has already been taught. We’ve designed beautiful, yet practical printables that we would love for you to consider our gift to you!

General Homeschool Printables


Homeschooling and Loving It Book


Homeschooling and Loving It! Workbook – You’ll want to grab this amazing free homeschool resource that is perfect for preschool homeschoolers. This is step 1 for any homeschooling family. The workbook takes you through the common homeschool situations and helps homeschool parents know what to expect.



The Sanity Saver Homeschool PlannerSanity Saver Homeschool Planner – Homeschool organization like never before and perfect for the homeschool mom that has everything to do! Includes both a planner, meal planner, and homeschool record-keeping pages! Find the full-color printed version available on Amazon.

Back to Homeschool Planner  – This set is an add-on to the flagship Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner.  Find checklists to help back to homeschool go smoothly and a printable grade book to help you keep track of homeschool grades.



Youth Homeschool Student Planner Printable


Youth Homeschool Student Planner – A wonderful starter planner for your elementary school student. Download, print, and put into a 3-ring binder.




Free Printable Monthly Homeschool Calendar Pack


Monthly Calendars -Print the monthly homeschool calendar for all members of the family or one to post in a community area. We love having a printable homeschool calendar to help us plan and stay organized!




Homeschool Journal Printable Pack


Year-Long Homeschool Journaling Printable Pack – (faith-based) This full-year monthly themed journaling pack will have you and your kiddos inspired to write daily. Can be printed two on a page to save paper. Each month has its own theme that corresponds to the calendar and the copywork book below.




Writing Truth EBook


Year-Long Copy Work eBook – (faith-based) This full-year copy work curriculum based on scripture verses is perfect for a daily morning starter as well as a journal-writing topic. You’ll find beautifully designed pages that coordinate with our other free homeschool printables.




Homeschool Portfolio Printable Pack


Homeschool Portfolio Organization Pack – Use this printable portfolio organizer to help you create an amazing homeschool portfolio with your kids! The pack contains introduction pages for you kids to fill out, title pages for each subject, and an end of the year wrap-up.



Kids At Home Summer Camp Kit



NEW! At-Home Summer Camp Kit  – Not sure about sending the kids to summer camp? Create one at home with our printable kit filled with fun learning lessons about the outdoors that will get the whole family involved.

Faith-Based Character Training


Teaching Character Printable Workbook – (faith-based) Looking for a practical way to teach and talk about character with your children? Our free workbook has a parent section that will help you teach the lesson and then a work page for the kids to work through and practice what they’ve learned.




Homeschool End of the Year Checklist

End-of-the-Year Checklist – Not sure what needs to be gathered by the end of the homeschool year? Homeschool.com shares the checklist all homeschooling parents need as the end of the school year nears!




Free Summer Reading Challenge Printable — At Homeschool.com, we wanted to encourage kids to spend as much time reading as possible this summer, so we created a motivating and FUN reading challenge printable kit. These homeschool printables are sure to be a favorite with your middle schooler! Print out the pack and use the reading record, bookmarks, and reading bingo games for inspiration and motivation for summer learning!

Learning Milestones Checklist– Wondering what your child needs to learn in each grade? Print our checklist to help you keep track of what you need to teach.

Learning Styles Quiz – Not sure about how your child learns best? Take this quick quiz to determine their preferred methods of learning.

The Custom Home Learning Plan – This plan will help you organize your homeschool year.

The Easy 3-Step Scheduler – Not sure where to start with homeschool scheduling? This schedule how-to walks you through it all the way.

Homeschooling FAQ’s – handy guide for answers to common homeschooling questions

The Custom Home Learning Plan – full color – step by step worksheet helps you customize your homeschool learning

U.S. State Unit Studies – find resources for unit studies on each of the United States.


Free Elementary Homeschool Printables


Printables from Homeschool.com

Below you’ll find printables for all aspects of homeschooling elementary grades. We’ve organized them into categories that will help you locate them quickly.


Homeschool Language Arts Printables

Poetry Unit Study Printables

Beauty and the Beak – Discover the amazing, true story of Beauty the bald eagle who received a 3D-printed, prosthetic beak. Read the new children’s book Beauty and the Beak and do fun activities about Beauty from this educational guide.

Handwriting Cursive Writing Practice

Time4Learning Free Printables

Raymond the Rhino Teaches Art, Reading, and Kindness

James and the Giant Peach unit study

Practice Writing Numbers

Practice Printing printable

First Grade Skills Worksheets

French and Spanish for Kids– free elementary worksheet

Pronouns– practice printable

Grammar Lesson on “negatives”

Let’s Play Grammar Games

A and a– printable worksheet

Count and Trace

Animal Worksheet– free elementary school worksheets


Finish the Words

Older Elementary Language Arts Printables


Lessons on Beauty & Bravery: A Study Guide for Women
A Faith-Based study guide that can be used to incorporate The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader into your homeschooling efforts.

Narnia Educational Guide
The activities within this Educator’s Guide are designed for students in grades 5-8 and comply with national standards in key content areas.

Spot the Difference & Word Search Activity Sheet – Narnia theme

Navigate Activity Sheet-Narnia themed

Maze Color Activity Sheet-Narnia themed

Illusion Activity Sheet– Narnia themed

Handwriting 1  – early learner

Handwriting 2

Handwriting 3

Handwriting 4

Easy Biography Study Organizer

The Cay – free book unit study for 6th grade

Riddles Sampler

Film Companion for Red Tails -Educational Study Guide for the movie about the Tuskeegee Airmen

Show Me a Story Activity Kit

Film Companion for “We Bought a Zoo”– free worksheets for elementary students


History and Geography Elementary Worksheets

Geography Quiz – world geography facts

Quick Facts about our 50 States

Bible Notebooking Pages – Abraham

Great Inventors – Thomas Edison Notebooking Pages

African-American History Month: Everything You Need To Know

Fifty States Under God for Young Learners (faith-based)

My State History Funbook (faith-based)

Adam and Eve (faith-based)


Math Worksheets for Elementary Students

Simply Learn Fraction Addition and Subtraction – Super printable with instruction and worksheets with a cute llama! Grades 2-4

Money Unit

Count and Trace

First Grade Math Practice

Adding 1 and 2 Digit Numbers

First Grade Math Practice with coins

Study Shapes with Johnny Appleseed

Money Subtraction

Addition Worksheet 1

Addition Worksheet 2

Subtraction Worksheet

Money Addition

Money Subtraction

Older Elementary Math Homeschool Printables

Less Than Greater Than

100 Multiplication Problems

Division Worksheet






Financial Foursquare

Polygon Printable – Great worksheet to practice understanding and application of polygons for grades 6+


Art and Music Elementary Worksheets

Dogs and Cats in Art

Seascapes in Art printable

Piano Key printable

Cupcakes and Melodies

Piano Worksheets – Names of Keys

Note Name Challenge – Pirate

Rhythm Worksheets


Science Elementary  School Worksheets

Let’s Classify! 300 Picture Cards

Life of a Butterfly – Read it Draw it Write

Science Experiments for Elementary School

Name the Animal

Circle the Healthy Foods

Ocean Activity Book


Holiday Worksheets for Elementary Students

Independence Day Printables

Free Summer Reading Challenge Printable

Veterans Day Project Unit

Presidents Day

Narnia Easter Printable


Foreign Language Elementary Worksheets

Spanish – Animal Vocabulary with Pictures


Free Homeschool Printables from Outside Resources


Printable CalcuLadder Sample Sheets

Celtic Life & Heritage Foundation Education Module

Christian Homeschool Hub

Graphic Organizers for Writing 

Ear Training and Improv


Free Printable Online



Let’s Make Music! –Another way to approach music education.

Math Galaxy 

Paper Dolls– Melissa Thomsen is a home-educated, illustrator and designer. Check out her paper dolls, for a little old fashioned fun.