Joanne Calderwood

Joanne Calderwood

Raise children who achieve the extraordinary with such consistency, it becomes ordinary!

Joanne Calderwood is author of the best-selling book The Self-Propelled Advantage: The parent’s guide to raising independent, motivated kids who learn with excellence. She is a columnist for Home School Enrichment Magazine, and founder of—a site dedicated to helping Moms become UNDERwhelmed. Joanne has been described as a “Mom Magnet,” and is an active speaker on the homeschool conference circuit. She is a single mom with eight great kids, ages 12 to 25, and one “baby grand.”

Joanne can not only help you go from ordinary to extraordinary in your homeschool, but she can show you how you can raise children who achieve the extraordinary with such consistency that it becomes ordinary. How? By implementing three simple parenting strategies (which she shares in the interview).

In addition, Joannne offers a Fluency Trilogy for high schoolers, which boils down the essentials for college prep in a no busy-work formula. It’s what her own high schoolers have done to be OVER prepared for the reading and writing rigors of college. She also offers a Mom 2 Mom Coaching Program. The Fluency Trilogy and Mom 2 Mom Coaching are available at

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