Julie Jenkins-Sathe

Julie Jenkins-Sathe

Enlightened Discipline? Yes!

Julie Jenkins Sathe, is an Early Childhood Educator. She is currently the owner/Executive Director of three locations of Caring Connection Children’s Centers. While keeping her feet firmly on the ground,  working daily with children and parents, Julie is also a motivational speaker, and a writer–she has written the books, “Enlightened Discipline” and “Teens! Change is Your Choice”. She is the founder of the web site Enlightened Discipline.

The Enlightened Discipline approach teaches techniques and practices of the “Safe, Kind & Clean” philosophy, and teaches your children the foundational elements of behavior in a way that they understand so fundamentally, that as they grow, what they have been taught becomes second nature.

In Julie’s interview, she shares how you can use Enlightened Discipline to take your homeschooling from ordinary to extraordinary.

Julie is nothing if not forthright, funny even a bit unruly. Julie leaves her audiences dazzled and laughing with her energy and ideas. She is married with four grown children. She loves to travel using multicultural inspiration to develop natural play environments in her preschools.

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