Newsletter 40: Tips for Staying Home and Homeschooling!

Across the country, families are staying home and being thankful for the blessings of health, family, and comfort.

I’ve heard from a lot of my fellow homeschool sister mamas and they’ve mentioned that even though they’ve homeschooled for quite some time, they are still struggling with staying home all day – every day! They are running out of ideas and things to read! And, I can relate! And, of course, those new to homeschooling are wondering what in the world they can do to keep their kiddos occupied all day without a lot of screen time!

Even though this time isn’t easy, it is necessary, but it won’t be forever. So, it’s important that we remember a few things:
-Stay positive – bad attitudes are catchy!
-Enjoy this time of gathering ’round!
-Don’t stress the little things!
-Have some fun together!

In an effort to help everyone enjoy the stay-at-home “homeschool life”, we’ve gathered some great ideas in this month’s Homeschooling and Loving It Newsletter that will help all of us keep the fun in homeschooling and the great reading going!

50 Things to Do While Staying Home

Isolation is no joke. Even for those of us who are used to homeschooling or are introverts, staying home endlessly can start to get to the best of us! In fact, we are realizing just how much we don’t stay at home!

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Best Homeschool Book Lists!

March is National Reading Month! Reading is a favorite pastime for many, and especially homeschoolers! We share a unique love of books, so what better time to celebrate? National Reading Month is the perfect time to enjoy our classic favorites as well as read new titles!

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