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Is Your Homeschool On the Right Path?

Self-doubt can rise during any part of your homeschooling journey. Sometimes the reasons for this are obvious. Perhaps your child is struggling with a specific subject area or a family member doesn’t support your decision to homeschool. Other times it is difficult to pin point the exact source of self-doubt. In either case, feelings of […]

Summer Resource Guide

Looking for fun summer activities for your homeschool? Want to keep learning but keep it fun? Here's your solution!

Top 10 Choices of Higher Education

  Top 10 Choices of Higher Education Institutions in the World Every year, an organization known as Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), considered to have the most reputable and reliable university ranking system, rates universities from around the world based upon a number of factors. It ranks in several categories, such as by academic discipline and by […]

Science and Art – Race Around Like an Electron

(How Visual Aids and Visual Arts Help when Teaching Science) Written by John Hofland Our high school chemistry teacher, Mrs. Harms, didn’t merely teach chemistry. She WAS chemistry. As she danced under the periodic chart, she became sodium atoms who craved electrons from their friends, the generous chlorine atoms. The atoms we studied had likes […]

Sewing in the Curriculum

    Want to teach your child some new skills while also making wonderful connections to their regular curriculum?  Sewing just might be the answer! Sewing not only allows kids to master a new skill set and offers a creative outlet, but also strengthens fine motor skills, enhances creative problem-solving, and employs spatial and math […]

The Value of Homeschool Enrichment Activities

The Purpose of Homeschool Enrichment What is the purpose of recreation? Should enrichment activities be optional or do we require them? A common goal for both education and recreation is to enhance the lives of people of all ages. Through recreation, individuals can find the motivation to lead a productive life. Enrichment activities can help […]

International Travel and Homeschooling

International travel provides opportunities for incredible learning experiences.  Through travel we learn about other cultures, lifestyles, languages, unique and beautiful geography, history, politics and current events, art and more.  Because of this, international travel isn’t just for adults – our kids benefit as well! There are numerous options for families when it comes to traveling […]